(Free Demo) Nostalgia - Analog Lab V Bank (20 Presets)

(Free Demo) Nostalgia - Analog Lab V Bank (20 Presets)

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The full bank includes:

  • 13 Basses
  • 13 Bells
  • 25 Keys
  • 14 Synth Leads
  • 20 Pads
  • 11 Guitars
  • 4 Vocals

*All presets have been converted to One Shots*

Dive into a sonic universe where the boundaries between digital synthesis and the organic world blur. Introducing "Real World Fusion," an expansion pack for Arturia's Analog Lab V. This meticulously crafted collection of 100 presets bridges the gap between the ethereal realm of virtual instruments and the tangible essence of real-world sounds. Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of sounds sourced from real synths, bells, voices, and guitars. Each preset encapsulates the unmistakable warmth and character of physical instruments, breathing life into your compositions. Explore a diverse array of textures, from lush pads reminiscent of celestial harmonies to gritty leads that cut through the mix with raw energy. Whether you seek the gentle resonance of acoustic instruments or the punchy dynamics of electric guitars, "Real World Fusion" offers a kaleidoscope of sonic possibilities.

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