Legacy - Royalty Free Multi Kit (Over 500+ Sounds)

  • 100 - Royalty Free Loops (w/ Midis & Flp's)
  • 150 - Royalty Free Custom Made Vocal Runs
  • 107 - Royalty Free Accents & Phrases
  • 100 - Royalty Free Melody Starters
  • 115 - Royalty Free One Shots
  • 50 - Royalty Free Midis
  • 10 - Fl Studio Mixer Presets
Legacy - Royalty Free Multi Kit (Over 500+ Sounds)
Legacy - Royalty Free Multi Kit (Over 500+ Sounds)

This is the BEST KIT I have ever made!

I created this kit because I wanted to make something I was proud of, to ensure that my legacy would be remembered forever. I wanted to make history with the sounds that I create. Thats why I made the Legacy kit, and I fully believe that this is the greatest West Coast Loop Kit that has ever dropped. I legitimately have never seen so much value and quality go into one single product.

100% Royalty Free!

Yes! All of the sounds in this kit are ROYALTY FREE. So you can use them in your loops and beats and never have to worry about clearing them with me. I always wanted to give peace of mind to producers when producing and this is the best way I know how.

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What our customers say

These are the best West Coast kits you can buy for this cheap. Top tier sound selection and all you need for any typa production.

(Credits - Ebk Jaaybo, Ebk Young Joc, Daboii)

Nothing but high quality and unique sounds.

Dillon XO
(An accomplished Youtuber/Producer with over 40,000 Subscribers)

IIInfinite's kits provides the perfect selection of high quality sounds to make all types of beats. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced producer, you will make great use of IIInfinite's kits.

(Credits - Drakeo The Ruler,
Big Sad 1900, Peezy, 03Greedo)

These sounds are truly the essentials for anyone making West Coast music.

Xclusive Made This
(Credits - Nba Youngboy, Quando Rando, Toosii)

Anything from IIInfinite is always a game changer. Whether it be loop kits, drum kits, one shots…he’s even giving out some of the sauce on the fundamentals of creating different waves/genres. Everything is versatile, no copy cat, resampled sounds that we’ve all been using for years. Everything is top notch, premium quality. I guess the only way to describe my brother is to say he’s one of the secret weapons that’s a MUST have in your arsenal. -

(Credits - Babyface Ray, Mike Sherm, Kodak Black, BlueBucksClan)

A go to producer for West Coast Sounds.

(An accomplished Youtuber/Producer with over 100,000 Subscribers)

Giving TOO Much Value!

Drawing inspiration from the legendary West Coast music scene, this loop kit includes a diverse range of professionally produced loops featuring smooth melodies, deep basslines, and classic synths. Whether you're a producer looking to create laid-back melodic beats or dark West Coast-inspired tracks, this loop kit provides the essential elements to infuse your music with the distinctive flavor of the West Coast sound. Elevate your music with the one and only Legacy Multi Kit.

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